Artist: Groundtruther with Greg Osby

Date Released: July 24, 2004

Label: Thirsty Ear

Produced By:


  1. North Pole
  2. Arctic Circle
  3. 40th Parallel
  4. Horse Latitudes North
  5. Tropic of Cancer
  6. Equator
  7. Tropic of Capricorn
  8. Horse Latitudes South
  9. Tropic of Calms
  10. Antarctic Circle
  11. South Pole


Though saying forward-thinking jazz is a bit redundant, Groundtruther truly exemplifies just that. The first in the three part series, Latitude is 50 minutes of laid-back free-jazz improvisation between a spaced out 8-string guitar, electronica-feeling drums and samples and soft alto saxophone that rides the line between jazz and blues. The trilogy is headed by world-class guitar master Charlie Hunter and drummer, composer, leader Bobby Previte. Every entry will showcase a different Blue Note recording artist, and saxophonist Greg Osby is Latitude’s guest star. Each element compliments the next seamlessly, and the consistency of the recording emphasizes that even more. This is due to the free-spirited improvisation that is the building block of this CD. If you open the insert it states, “What you hear is played 99% live… and 100% improvised.” This is yet another solid release by Thirsty Ear and another exemplary addition into the Blue Series. Latitude will please everyone, whether you are more into avant-garde or straighter forward jazz, along with fans of electronica, ambient or even jam bands. Michael Ardaiolo