Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs is a blues rock album by Derek and the Dominos, released in november 1970. The album is best known for the title track, "Layla". It is often considered as Eric Claptons best musical performance, in collaboration with Bobby WhitlockJim GordonCarl Radle and guest musician Duane Allman on lead and slide guitar.


Side 1
Nr. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. I Looked Away   Eric ClaptonBobby Whitlock 3: 05
2. Bell Bottom Blues   Clapton 5: 02
3. Keep on Growing   Clapton, Whitlock 6: 21
4. Nobody Knows You When you're Down and Out   Jimmy Cox 4: 57
Side 2
Nr. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. I Am Yours   ClaptonNezami 3: 34 am
2. Anyday   Clapton, Whitlock 6: 35
3. Key to the Highway   Big Bill Broonzy , Charles Segar 9: 40
Side 3
Nr. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. Tell the Truth   Clapton, Whitlock 6: 39
2. Why Does Love Got to Be So Bad?   Clapton, Whitlock 4: 41
3. Have You Ever Loved a Woman   Billy Myles 6: 52
Side 4
Nr. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. Little Wing   Jimi Hendrix 5: 33
2. It's Too Late   Chuck Willis 3: 47
3. Layla   Clapton, Jim Gordon 7: 05 am
4. Thorn Tree in the Garden   Whitlock 2: 53


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