Founded: 1998

Headquarters: New York, NY

Website Link(s):


Mr. Lady Kill Rock Stars Chicks on Speed Universal




Peaches Sleater-Kinney Chicks on Speed The Epoxies

Band MembersEdit

Kathleen Hanna Johanna Fateman JD Samson Sadie Benning (former)

Includes Members ofEdit

Bikini Kill The New England Roses Peaches' live band, The Herms

Band BiographyEdit

Initially envisioned as a live back up band for Hanna's solo project Julie Ruin:Kathleen Hanna, Le Tigre mixed the politics and feminism of riot grrrl with fun electronic samples and lo-fi beats. Other members included Johanna Fateman and JD Samson. JD joined Le Tigre as a full member when co-founder Sadie Benning left the band before the Feminist Sweepstakes album was recorded. JD had previously worked with the band as a roadie and the operator of Benning's slide show during live performances in support of their first record. The self-proclaimed "underground electro-feminist performance artists" combined visuals, music and dance in their performances.


Listen Now! Mr. Lady Feminist Sweepstakes Mr. Lady This Island Strummer/Universal


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