Artist: Flossin

Date Released: August 10, 2004

Label: Ache

Produced By:



Alright, do not worry if you have never heard of Flossin, because while you have never seen the band name, you already know the members. Sound gurus Zach Hill (Hella), Miguel Depedro (Kid 606) and Christopher Willits make up the underground all-star collaboration, who is releasing their first disc on the burgeoning label, Ache. By just recognizing the members’ names you should be able to tell what they sound like; a combination of Zach Hill’s insanely quick and technically perfect drumming style overlaid by the noise contributions of Kid 606 and Willits. There is always a subtle electronica undertone thanks to Willits, but it is usually overshadowed by the guitar noise that would be annoying if it did not work so well with the surrounding music. Add in the insane collage of sounds and tape loops that creep into the background, and you have the tantalizing music of Flossin. Lead Singer is the quality material that you have come to expect from these artists, technically sound, musically experimental and always wonderfully confusing. Michael Ardaiolo

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