Lee Marvin (New York City (New York), 1924 - February 19, Tucson (Arizona), 29 August 1987) was an American actor. In the beginning of his career he developed into character actor who mainly played bad guys. Later he went more varied, but mainly rougher role games, in which he often was the hero of the film.

[1][2]Lee Marvin, in the trailer for the film Attack!


[hide]*1 early years

Early Years[Edit]Edit

In his younger years he attended St. Leo's Preparatory School in Florida. At the beginning of the Second World War he stopped school and joined the United States Marine Corps. Marvin was wounded in the battle of Saipan, on which he was sent home. For his services for the u.s. Army, he was awarded the Purple Heart. After being repaired, he went first to work as an apprentice at a plumber, he later went to work as an actor in New York. Lee Marvin was a general appearance off-Broadway. He also had some minor television roles.

Film Career[Edit]Edit

In 1951 Marvin made his debut on Broadway in the play Billy Budd. That same year he had his first film role, a small role in you're in the Navy Now by Henry Hathaway. His first starring role was in the war drama Eight Iron Men from 1952. He moved to France, mainly gangsters and other heavy guys in films such as The Big Heat (1953), The Wild One, opposite Marlon Brando and Bad Day at Black Rock (1954).

Tired of typecasten chose Marvin there in 1957 to play for to star in the television series M Squad. In this series he was Inspector of the police, the hero of the series. The series ran until 1960, and as a result, Marvin was at that time little to see in movies. In 1961 he returned to the film, in The Comancheros with John Wayne. The following year, he played next to Wayne in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance John Ford's Wayne, and Marvin, and Ford worked together again in 1963 for the film Donovan's Reef. In 1964 he appeared as assassin in Don Siegel 's The Killers.

Marvin won In 1965 the Academy Award for best actor for his role in the comic western Cat Ballou. He plays two roles in the film also those of Kid Shelleen and Tim Strawn, making it the only winner in the history of the Academy Awards that won an oscar for a double role. With his role as Major Reisman, the leader of The Dirty Dozen in 1967Marvin was a big star. The Dirty Dozen was one of the most successful film of that year. That same year he played a hit man in John Boorman's Point Blank . In 1969 , he co-starred with Clint Eastwood in the western musical Paint Your Wagon. His song "Wand'rin ' Star" was a surprising hit in the USA where it even got a gold record.Hit the role ofGeorge s. Patton in the film Patton from 1970, because he could not find in the plot of the film.

In the 1970s and 1980s was to see Marvin in several successful films like Monte Walsh (1970), Pocket Money (1972), Emperor of the North Pole (1973), Avalanche Express(1978), The Big Red One (1980) and Samuel Fuller 's Gorky Park (1983). Most of his later films, however, made no impression on the critics and could not attract large audiences. In 1985 , he played in the sequel to The Dirty Dozen, the television film The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission. The following year was to see Marvin in his last film, the action movie The Delta Force.


Lee Marvin was married twice, with Betty Ebeling from February 1951 to 5 January 1967 and with Pamela Feeley 18 October 1970 's until his death in 1987. With Betty, he had four children. Supported during for election of the Democratic Party candidate Eugene McCarthyin 1968. Was one of the first actors in Hollywood who openly admitted to support the gay rights, Marvin stated that during an interview in the magazine Playboy in January 1969. Lee Marvin In 1971 was sued by Michelle Triola, with whom he had a relationship for a long time. Michelle Triola Marvin called himself even for a longer period, although they were never married. When the couple broke up, she was entitled to Triola found that half of the $ 3.6 million which Marvin had earned over the six years that the couple lived together. The "maintenance for non-married couples" that she claimed came during the trial known as "palimony", a portmanteau of the words pal (friend) and alimony (alimony). In 1976 came the case for the Supreme Court ofCalifornia. In 1979 the Court that Triola Marvin $ 104,000 had to pay to, much less than the demanded $ 1.8 million.

Lee Marvin died unexpectedly In 1987 to a heart attack. He was 63 years old. He is buried in Arlington National CemeteryVirginia, next to Boxer and fellow veteran Joe Louis.

Filmography (selection)[Edit]Edit

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