Leena Maria Peisa (b. March 16, 1979 in Vantaa, Finland) is the keyboard player and occasional turntablist in the Finnish hard rock quintet Lordi. Peisa's former bands include Punaiset Messiaat and Dolchamar, both of which are from Porvoo.

Biography Edit

Leena Maria Peisa was born in Vantaa despite spending her teenage years in Porvoo. She has been playing the piano since she was six years old. Her first band was a post-hardcore ensemble Punaiset Messiaat which she joined in autumn 1994. While in Punaiset Messiaat, she used the stage name "Lende Mielihyvä". Mielihyvä is the Finnish word for pleasure. After Punaiset Messiaat was disestablished in 1998, Peisa concentrated on her education. In 2003, she rejoined the band that now performed under the name Dolchamar, and was invited to Lordi by drummer Kita to replace the keyboardist Enary in 2005. In Lordi, she takes on the persona of an unearthly Vampire Countess. The name Awa comes from Be Aware. On the band's website she is said to have many other names. The British newspaper the Daily Mail wrongly credited a photo of a woman without make-up as being Awa. Her other band Dolchamar removed all photos from their website. Perhaps a coincidence, or just playing along with the monster image. In Greece, television channels claim to have videos and photos of the band without stage make-up.

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