Leftfield is a British dance music groups consisting of Neil Barnes and Paul Daley. The Group was popular in the 1990s and is in particular known for singles Not forgottenOpen up the album and Song of life and Leftism. Their music was also widely used in movies. The music is among other things told in the films TrainspottingThe Beach 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Vanilla Sky


 [verbergen*1 Creation


Leftfield began as a project of Neil Barnes. In the eighties he was active in various capacities in the punk scene. In 1989 he decided to go along with the rise of electronic music. He produced the single Not forgotten.The single was noticed by the magazine mixmag and appointed as a very innovative plate. The single that followed, was More than I know (1991). For the b-side of the single was a remix of Paul Daley Not forgotten by, who then was a member of the band A Man Called Adam. They hit it off so well between Barnes and Daley so that the two decisions together to continue as Leftfield.

Due to problems with the Rhythm king label could be released until in 1992 a time nothing. When published the singles Release the pressue and Song of life. Especially the second was very popular in the emergingprogressive-house-flow. Thus, the song was used in 1994 as opener for the Renaissance-compilation by Sasha and John Digweed. An edited ambientversie of their song, called Fanfare of life, was on the first cd of Café del Mar. Furthermore, they made many remixes. So were tracks from David Bowie Depeche Mode and modified. She also worked on the album version of the song Intoxication of React 2 Rhythm


However, the ambitions of Leftield stretched out even further. The duo began working on a real artist album. A taste of which was the single Open up (1993). Through their contacts in the punk world they got Sex Pistolssinger John Lydon willing to provide the number of vocals. A year and a half later, in the spring of 1995, it was the album Leftism in stores. The media was particularly enthusiastic. [source? ]It was nominated for theMercury Music Prize and in 1998 was named by Q magazine as one of the most influential British albums. The album sold millions of copies and the Original singles and Afro-left were hits in their own country. In 1996 the band made the song A Final hit for the film Trainspotting .

Rhythm & Stealth[Edit]Edit

The recording of the second album went very tedious. The duo had the heavy to be able to meet expectations. In 1999, then finally Rhythm & Stealth from. The album features contributions from artists such as Roots Manuva and Afrika Bambaataa. The album was seen as a nice consolidation of the band. The sales figures surpassed that of the predecessor to a large extent. The band went on tour again, but got there with negative publicity because the sound was deemed too hard. In the activities in Amsterdam was the soundman for that busted. Barnes and Daley offered their apologies to.


In 2000, his last track with Snakeblood Leftfield for the film The beach. In 2002 the Group announced to go stop. They indicated that the cake is and want to go on to. There was the farewell single Planet of the phatbird.This single was a mashup of the song Phat planet and Bird of prey by Fatboy Slim, which live during a dj set by Fatboy Slim in Brighton was recorded.

Starting from 2010 Neil Barnes back on as Leftfield. However, he continues to do this on his own.



  • Leftism 1995
  • Rhythm & Stealth 1999
  • Stealth remixes 1999
  • A Final Hit: Greatest Hits 2005


  • Not forgotten 1990
  • More than I know 1991
  • Release the pressure 1992
  • Song of life 1992
  • Open up 1993
  • Original 1995
  • Afro-left 1995
  • Release the pressure 1996
  • Africa shox 1999
  • Mentioned 1999
  • Swords 2000
  • Planet of the phatbird 2002

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