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Artist: Thomas Dolby

Album: Leipzig b/w Urges single; Retrospectacle

Appears On (Mixes): De Revrum's Crash Course In De Muzikum Educatchum, Maybe Better You Should Hold Me Close Than Understand: The Best Of Thomas Dolby; Dub Club: I'm Singing For You All Covered In Sequins - Matt

Song Notes: De Revrum's Crash Course In De Muzikum Educatchum: This is another one of my all-time favorites, and another one that I think is odd that I never put out on another mix CD. Perhaps I should just edit down a version of this mix for a CD and send it out or something. Anyway, though, this one didn't actually show up on a record, which is ODD since it's one of Thomas Dolby's best songs. Actually, he's got a boatload of astoundingly good songs. I think this one was produced by Andy Partridge of XTC, too. I know the "Europa" single was. Anyway, one of those songs about Wanderlust, and I think I've got kind of a soft spot for those. Although I love the chorus bit -- "Leipzig is calling you Henry/Leipzig is calling you names". Also, the backing vocals in there, which includes "and other cartoon characters". - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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