"Les Fleur" is a song from 1968. It was released on the album ' Maiden Voyage ' by Ramsey Lewis.

Minnie Riperton recorded the song, written by her husband Richard Rudolph along with Charles Stepney, also on solodebuut for her album ' Come to my Garden '-with above Ramsey Lewis on piano-in november 1969 and in 1970 was released. The basic theme which this execution built seems to correspond to the basic theme of the song "Can't Find My Way Home" by Blind Faith that earlier in 1969 was recorded and was released in August of 1969. "Can't Find My Way Home" was written by Steve Winwood.

In 1983 was a cover of "Les Fleur" released on the album of the already mentioned Ramsey Lewis.

In 2001 was again a cover of "Les Fleur" created by 4 Hero with Carina Andersson as a singer and called "Les Fleur" . It is not clear whether the letter's ' is missing on purpose. In 2005 this cover version was used in an advertisement for Baileys.

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