Les Fossoyeurs (english: The Gravediggers) is a Parisian rock band

Les Fossoyeurs, translates as "the Gravediggers." With six original members, this French punk/ska band formed in 1985 to mourn what they considered to be the death of rock and roll. According to their website, "rock and roll refused to die," and they have been playing together ever since, releasing three CDs ("Les Fossoyeurs," "Fossoyeurs 2," and "Du Prairie; Live at Springfield, Missouri") (1), and even starring in a comedic horror film "Kiki Meets the Vampires," from Director Joey Skidmore (2).

Besides playing regularly around Paris, and touring in Europe, the band toured the United States in 2005, 2007, and 2008, generating surprising enthusiasm in the midwest (3), earning "Critics' Choice" awards (4), and recommendations from the Pitch, and the Kansas City Star (5).


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