Les Paul, stage name of Lester William Polfuss before (Waukesha (Wisconsin), 1915 – June 9, White Plains (New York)August 13, 2009) was an Americanguitaristluthierinventor and songwriter. As a jazz musician , he played in the years 40 and 50 among other things with saxophonist Illinois JacquettrombonistJ.J. Johnson and pianist Nat King Cole. He was one of the pioneers in the development of the electric guitar with a massive body. He has also brought many different innovations in the music in General, including overdubbing (also known as "Sound on Sound"), delayphasingreverb technique and multitrack recording, the wah-wahpedaal. He did so by combining his musical qualities with his knowledge of electronics.

His innovative talents also came back in his playing style, making him a Maverick was for his time and making him has inspired many of today's guitarists.

In a car accident in January 1948 were the bones of his right arm so much shattered his elbow would never move. He asked the surgeon to put this so that he could still play guitar.


[hide]*1 early life

Early life[Edit]Edit

Les Pauls parents were called George and Evelyn Polfuss before Stutz. His family was of German descent. His parents divorced when he was a child. ThePrussian family name was first simplified by his mother to Polfuss and later he took the stage name to Les Paul . He also used the nicknamesRed Hot Red"and"Rhubarb Red".

He was 8 years old when he first became interested in music. He started to play harmonica . After attempting to learn banjo , he began to play guitar. According to his own words he just wanted to play an instrument while singing (which were all wind instruments). He chose no piano because then he turned with his back to the public ought to be. Guitar was then the only remaining, popular music instrument.


Les Paul took his guitar with normal speed with sound at the mix (merging with the recordings on the other tracks), he left his guitar play twice as fast. As a result, sounded the guitar an octave higher. While recording he had to, in order to stay in the size , take into account the fact that he had to meet the party two times slower. The effect on the plate was a rarefied high-jingling guitar sound.

Mary Ford[Edit]Edit

By 29 december 1949 to december 1964 Paul was married to Iris Colleen Summers, who would be known as Mary Ford. He has scored many hit with her. Some examples:


[1]Les Paul Goldtop[2]Les Paul Standard

Les Paul came into contact with the firm Gibson and obligated itself to act in the public with the famous Gibson Les Paul. This guitar would later in all music genres, from bluesto heavy metal, can be heard. Designing the Les Paul Goldtop was a collaboration between Gibson and Les Paul. The Les Paul Standard Guitar resembled that appeared a few years later and became world famous, but had double coil P90-alternatives enkelspoels PAF-humbuckers.

Other models[Edit]Edit

The name of Les Paul was finally connected also with a number of other models in which he was not involved in the design, including the Les Paul SG in 1960. Les Paul claimed not to recognize in this guitar, after which Gibson the guitar in 1963 Woolworth the Gibson SG.

Renewed cooperation[Edit]Edit

In 1972 it came again to a collaboration between the designers of Les Paul and Gibson. With newly developed techniques was the Les Paul Triumph designed. Although the perimeter on the old Les Paul looked like it was the electronics focused on jazz musicians. There was also a connection for a Gooseneck microphone on the side to find, so that one could walk with guitar and vocal microphone. This guitar was not a success, but Les Paul continued to use him into old age.


Other famous guitar models, built by Gibson, who wear the name Les Paul:

  • Gibson Les Paul Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Gibson Les Paul Classic
  • Gibson Les Paul Custom
  • Gibson Les Paul Double Cut
  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
  • Gibson Les Paul Goddess
  • Gibson Les Paul GT
  • Gibson Les Paul Les Paul BFG
  • Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker
  • Gibson Les Paul Menace
  • Gibson Les Paul Slash Signature
  • Gibson Les Paul Smartwood
  • Gibson Les Paul Special New Century
  • Gibson Les Paul Special with Humbuckers
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone
  • Gibson Les Paul Supreme
  • Gibson Les Paul Traditional
  • Gibson Les Paul Vixen


Les Paul played until just before his death still weekly in the Iridium Night ClubManhattanNew York. He died on August 13, 2009 at a hospital in White Plains, New York, to the effects of a pneumonia. Paul reached the age of 94 years. He was buried in his home town on the Prairie Home Cemetery.

He is included in the Inventors Hall of Fame because of his part in the development of the electric guitar and multitrack recordings. He also received the Gold Medal, the highest award of the Audio Engineering Society. [1]

Posthumously, he was awarded a star in 2011 in the Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville.

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