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Less Than Jake a ska punk band formed in Gainesville, Florida in 1992. Originated from local band Good Grief started by Vocalist/guitarist Chris Demakes, Vinnie Fiorello on the drums, and Shaun Grief (namesake of the band) on Bass, all attending High School In Port Charlotte, FL.


Studio AlbumsEdit

Year Title Label US Chart Position
1995 Pezcore Asian Man Records -
1996 Losers, Kings, and Things We Don't Understand No Idea Records -
1996 Greased (Repress 2000) No Idea Records -
1996 Losing Streak Capitol Records 18 (Heatseekers)[1]
1998 Hello Rockview Capitol Records 80[2]
2000 Borders & Boundaries Fat Wreck Chords 103[3]
2003 Anthem Sire Records 45[4]
2006 In with the Out Crowd Warner Bros. Records 78[5]
2008 GNV FLA[6] Sleep It Off (US) / Cooking Vinyl Records (UK)

Compilations, live records, miscellaneous releasesEdit

Year Title Label US Chart Position
1997 Bootleg a Bootleg, You Cut Out the Middleman Self-Released -
1998 Liverache - Tales from the Liver's Edge Very Small Records -
1999 Pesto Very Small Records -
1999 Live from Uranus EMI -
2000 The Pez Collection Moon Ska Europe and Rapido -
2001 All My Best Friends Live In Gainesville Golf -
2002 Goodbye Blue and White Fueled By Ramen 36[7]
2004 B is for B-sides Sire 157[8]
2004 Live in Minneapolis (download only) -
2005 B is for B-sides (Remixed) Fueled By Ramen
2006 Absolution for Idiots and Addicts (EP) Sire -

Self-Released Live ShowsEdit

Year Title Label
2007 Bizarre Festival - 08.19.2001 Self-Released via Snocap
2007 Glastonbury Festival - 06.29.2002 Self-Released via Snocap
2007 Tokyo, Japan - 10.22.2002 Self-Released via Snocap
2007 Hollywood, CA - 06.14.2003 Self-Released via Snocap
2007 London, England - 04.20.2004 Self-Released via Snocap


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