Let It Rock is a rock 'n' roll song by Chuck Berry in 1960. The song is about railway workers. At the end of the day they are on the dice when the project she warns that a train arrives. The text " Let it rock "is not in the song, but suggests that the train represents rock 'n' roll. [1] The subject is very striking because Chuck Berry's audience consisted mostly of teenagers, and his songs were typically about things that appealed to them.

The song was released in January 1960 as a B-side of Too Pooped to Pop and took number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100 . In the UK charts at number six came. Later that year was the song on the album Rockin 'at the Hops . The song has been covered by include The Rolling Stones , Motorhead , The Animals , Jerry Garcia , The Yardbirds , Widespread Panic and Bob Seger .

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