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Founded: 2005


Website Link(s): licolaatsincyborgspaze




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Lico Laats is the academically abrasive rap duo consisting of one P. Slayvins and Ric Joseph. Begun on a wet, hot summer wednesday in 2005, these two emcees finally combined their forces and years of fermenting and marinating to produce two tracks using little more than ingenuity. "Wet Mozzarella" and "One Won" would become the jump-off point for two of the hip-hop underground's most impressive collegiate former-suburbanites.

Growing in intensity and popularity with their recent productions accessible through their webpage, Lico Laats promises to deliver the kind of witty unpredictable talent and natural game of which only the most prestigious of the rap realm can boast. Having clear influences from Wu-Tang Clan, The Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest and Nujabes, these subtile beat-loving Italian-German-Spanish-Peruvians make sure to dwell significantly in the land of smooth spontaneity intermingling with appropriately-placed harshness.

The most pervasive subject matter of their rhyming content seems to be that of half-joking anti-American sentiment, steamy homo/hetero-sexuality, and brutally violent muslim-christian extremism. Provacative and analytical, Lico Laats is cryptic riddle-spitting ecumenicals.





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