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File:Lifeinanorthern6 200.jpg
File:"Life In A Northern Town" (Original Video) - Dream Academy
File:"Life In A Northern Town" - Dream Academy

Life In A Northern Town has two different versions of the music video. The first one was made in 1984 and was filmed in Hebden Bridge near Halifax in Yorkshire, UK. It was directed by Tim Pope.

The second version was filmed in 1985 and was directed by Leslie Libman and Larry Williams. It was filmed in and around Newcastle upon Tyne with some scenes filmed in Manchester in the UK and in the USA. The American scenes were filmed near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the towns of Ambridge and Aliquippa, and evidence of this locale can be found in the appearance of a Pennsylvania Route 51 road sign. The video featured footage from one of their first TV appearances, on the British music show, The Tube.

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