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Like A Virgin is a song by Madonna, released in 1984. It was the first commercial success for Madonna. This song was produced by Nile Rodgers and written by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg.

Madonna singleEdit


Like A Virgin was shot in Venice, Italy, and partly in New York City during the summer of 1984. It shows Madonna dancing on a gondola and running around in a wedding dress intercut with shots of a panting lion.


Country Peak
Flag of Austria Austria 8
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Flanders)>/small> 2
Flag of France France 8
Flag of Germany Germany 4
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 4
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 2
Flag of Sweden Sweden 15
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 9
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 3
Flag of the United States United States 1

Big Daddy singleEdit

In 1991, the US five piece band Big Daddy recorded a parodic doo wop version of this song, including doo wop interpretations of Dancing in the Dark and Welcome to the Jungle. This song did not enter the single charts.

Mad'House singleEdit

the French dance project named Mad'House released a cover version on 30 september 2002. This was the third and last Madonna cover single they haved released.


Country Peak
Flag of Austria Austria 55
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Flanders) 31
Flag of Belgium Belgium (Wallony) 30
Flag of France France 55
Flag of Germany Germany 67
Flag of Italy Italy 24
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 56
Flag of Norway Norway 8
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 98

Sister Cristina singleEdit

In 2014, Italian Ursuline nun Cristina Scuccia, named as Sister Cristina, recorded a mid-tempo soul pop version of Like A Virgin. This song only charted in the french single charts and peaked at #185

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