Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows & The Minus 5

Date Released: 2001

Label: Malt / Mammoth

Produced By: Scott McCaughey / Young Fresh Fellows / Julian Raymond / Charlie Francis


  1. For The Love Of A Girl (new classic version)
  2. Your Day Will Come (with Robyn Hitchcock)
  3. Great News Around You (radio edit)
  4. I Wonder What She's Doing Tonite (c'mon Bobby)
  5. Charley And The Angels


Hey, a split single where I've actually heard all the tracks! Whoa! Anyway—this is a really, really good one. The two Young Fresh Fellows songs are two of my favorites from the Because We Hate You album, and the two Minus 5 songs are up there on Let The War Against Music Begin (though not my favorites—they really should have put "Got You" on there, as that might be my favorite Minus 5 song ever. Oh my god, that is a gorgeous song. The two Young Fresh Fellows songs are the same as the album versions, but the two Minus 5 songs are radio edits. The album version of "Your Day Will Come" actually goes on for another 4 or so minutes with Robyn Hitchcock just riffing on an impromptu story (which is actually pretty hilarious) -- he's faded out pretty early on in this edit. The last track is listed very lighty—on the album art, it comes down on the "Young Fresh Fellows" side, but it's just Scott McCaughey solo. So, you know, treat it however you like. It's the only one that's unavailable in any form outside of this CD—and it's, as you might expect, a little song about Charley's Angels, and, I'll be damned if you can go wrong with a song about Charley's Angels, so that makes this EP actually probably worth picking up, to be honest, if you can find it (it was a promo disc, after all). - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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