Artist: They Might Be Giants

Date Released: 1988

Label: Bar/None

Produced By: Bill Krauss


  1. Ana Ng
  2. Cowtown
  3. Lie Still, Little Bottle
  4. Purple Toupee
  5. Cage And Aquarium
  6. Where Your Eyes Don't Go
  7. Piece Of Dirt
  8. Mr. Me
  9. Pencil Rain
  10. The World's Address
  11. I've Got A Match
  12. Santa's Beard
  13. You'll Miss Me
  14. They'll Need A Crane
  15. Shoehorn With Teeth
  16. Stand On Your Own Head
  17. Snowball In Hell
  18. Kiss Me, Son Of God

A lot of bands have a sophomore jinx, though They Might Be Giants' second release is much better than their first. It's said that this album, however, isn't really a sophomore effort as They Might Be Giants are such prolific songwriters that where most bands find the second album having to be a collection of stuff that wasn't good enough for the first record and having to write, for the first time, specifically FOR an album release, They Might Be Giants had so many songs that they still were able to pick the best of the litter for this record as well (making Flood their true "sophomore" effort). Still, though, this is one of the strongest albums of theirs—the experimentation from the first is still there, but the pop songwriting comes more to the forefront with tracks like "Ana Ng", "They'll Need A Crane", or the rocker "Santa's Beard". Next to Flood, this is probably the album most They Might Be Giants fans start with, and it's a damned fine place to start. I actually like it much better than Flood, and it's one I tend to mention in the same breath as John Henry when asked what the best They Might Be Giants record is. Definitely get this one. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

This is the "masterpiece", the one critics have decided is the only album the group really needed to make. Sounds a bit rhythmically-challenged to my ears, but the lyrics are top-notch, probably their best set overall. Thankfully, as soon as their next album, they'd experiment with fuller and more natural musical arrangements. --

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