Linda Thompson (London23 August 1947), born Linda Pettifer and also known as Linda Peters, is an English folk singer. She is the ex-wife of Richard Thompsonand the sister of the actor Brian Pettifer.


She began her musical career in the mid 1960s as a singer in clubs. In 1968 and 1969, she released under the name Linda Peters along with Paul McNeill two singles, including a cover of Bob Dylan's You Ain't Going Nowhere. The duo called himself Paul & Linda.

Know Emily Padilla learned Richard Thompson In 1969, with whom she also made recordings from 1972. In the same time she joined the Bunch, a folk rock group, where she also became acquainted with Sandy Denny and Ashley Hutchings. They took along with them an album titled Rock on on. In the following years, she released a number of albums with Richard Thompson, until in 1982 the two parted ways. This aroused much surprise, because they are just released their most successful album had gotten together and had a third child.

The following years, Linda worked as an actress. In 1985 she went into a contract with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and began to pursue a solo career. However, they then got to contend with severe hoarsenessand could release any albums for eleven years. Later it was also spasmodic dysphonia at her.

Linda's mother died In 1999, after which Linda decided to resume her singing career seriously. To temporarily restore her voice she got botoxinjections administered in her throat. In 2002 she took along with some family members and her ex-husband on a new CD, Fashionably Late.


Richard and Linda Thompson

  • I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (1974)
  • Hokey Pokey (1975)
  • Pour Down Like Silver (1975)
  • First Light (1978)
  • Sunny vista (1979)
  • Shoot Out The Lights (1982)

Richard and Linda Thompson (live)

  • In Concert 1975 (published in 2007)

Solo albums

  • One Clear Moment (1985)
  • Fashionably Late (2002)
  • Versatile Heart (2007)
  • Won't Be Long Now (2013)

Solo compilations

  • Dreams Fly Away (1996)
  • Give Me A Sad Song (2001)

Singles-Richard and Linda Thompson

  • "I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight"/"When I Get to the Border" (1974)
  • "Hokey Pokey"/"I'll Regret it in the Morning" (1975)
  • "Don't Let a Thief Steal Into Your Heart"/"First Light" (1978)
  • "Georgie on a Spree"/"Civilisation" (1979)
  • "Don't Renege On Our Love"/"Living In Luxury" (1982)

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