Lineup Atlantic is an American rock band from New York. The band formed when former band mates Dan Edwards (guitar/vocals) and Ed Bentzlin (drums) reconnected during a local jam session after a seven year hiatus.[1] Their debut single, "Keep on Keeping On" was recorded with producer Dave Ryan at the Pilot Studio (owned by Hidden in Plain View's Rob Freeman) and released in December 2014.[2] The duo then released their second single, "Say Today", in January 2015 in preparation for their first major support tour with Aaron Carter.[3]


Formative years (2005–2013)Edit

In 2005, cousins Dan Edwards and Ed Bentzlin began performing together in a family member's basement while in middle school. Using simple instruments such as guitar and basic percussion such as a trash can, pots and pans, and wooden paint sticks.[4] Over the course of the next three years, the two fine tuned their musical skills and played at local venues such as The Chance.[5] Despite progressively playing and writing music, Bentzlin left the band in 2008 as he was living in Loudon, New Hampshire at the time (a nearly five hour distance between the two).[6] After unsuccessful attempts at continuing the project with other musicians, the project reformed to what would become another short lived Blasted Records band, The Drive.

Lineup Atlantic (2014–present)Edit

After moving back to Poughkeepsie in August 2014, Bentzlin began practicing drums for the first time in almost five years. The two former band mates reconnected at a friend's jam session in September and began a project called Room 257. After recording (and ultimately scrapping) a demo in September 2014, the two came together as a duo and opened a Facebook page called Lineup Atlantic. Several sessions led to the recording of the duo's first single, "Keep on Keeping On" in December 2014 and shortly after the song was released as the band's first single. The band also announced that they had landed a direct support slot to Aaron Carter's Wonderful World Tour which was set to begin in January 2015.[7] After signing to BSide Management, the band released their second single, "Say Today", in January 2015. The band kicked off their tour as direct support to Aaron Carter on January 9, 2015 in Hamden, Connecticut. The band also leaked plans to record an EP in the Spring 2015 during the first weekend of the tour.[8]

Band membersEdit


Dan Edwards (guitars, vocals)
Ed Bentzlin (drums)



  • "Keep on Keeping On" (2014)
  • "Say Today" (2015)


  • "Unknown name (leaked)" (Summer 2015?)



  • Jan-Feb direct support to Aaron Carter "Wonderful World Tour"


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