When She Was YoungEdit

Lisa Nicole Lopes was born on May 27, 1971, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Left Eye was part of the R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop Group TLC.


TLC formed in 1991, Left Eye sang in some songs but not all because she rapped in them. The Members of TLC were Tionne Watkins who was known as T Boz, Rozanda Thomas who was known as Chilli, and Lisa Lopes who was known as Left Eye. Their first album Oooooooh . . . On the TLC Tip was released that same year. Three songs on the album were in the top ten hits.Their next album CrazySexyCool was released in 1994, and sold over 11 million copies just in the United States. It had three great hits such as Creep, Red Light Special, and Waterfalls. The album eventually earned two Grammys. During that year, Left Eye and her boyfriend, football player Andre Rison, were haveing relationship problems and she burnt his mansion down. She eventually got out of jail but TLC had to declare bankruptcy because they were losing money. They eventually came back in 1999 and made their album FanMail, which earned them another Grammy. In 2000, Left Eye was about to make her solo album, even though she was still in the group, Supernova but was repeatedly postponed. On April 25, 2002, with Supernova almost out and a fourth TLC album still in production, Left Eye was killed in a car accident on a highway in Jutiapa, Honduras, where Left Eye owned a condominium. She was the only one in the car that died.

After DeathEdit

After Left Eye Died, TLC still had to finish the album without her. They made a song just for her called Turntable which was in that album, 3D. Supernova was realesed later on that same year.It only had one single called The Block Party which was a very good song.

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