The practice of releasing video game soundtracks on vinyl records began in the 1980s, fell out of favor in the 1990s and 2000s as vinyl records were replaced by other storage media, and experienced a resurgence of interest in the 2010s due in part to a vinyl revival.[1] Vinyl recordings of video game music find their origins in the 1970s with albums such as Yellow Magic Orchestra's self-titled 1978 release sampling electronic music from the games Circus, Space Invaders, and Gun Fight. The practice experienced its "golden age" in the 1980s with hundreds of releases including Buckner & Garcia's Pac-Man Fever, Namco's Video Game Graffiti, and Koichi Sugiyama's orchestral covers of the Dragon Quest series. The 1990s saw many fewer commercial releases and a shift to promo releases. This trend continued in the 2000s as fan-made remixes also began to be produced, however in the 2010s the trend reversed and the practice of producing video game soundtracks on vinyl experienced a revival.[1] The vinyl revival of the 2010s has itself been attributed to inspiration in younger music buyers from video games[2]

The revival of interest in this medium is characterized by releases in limited numbers and promotional albums only available at special events or as pre-order bonuses.[1] In addition, the practice has been adopted by the Indie game scene, with its proponents citing audio quality,[1] interactivity,[1] artwork,[1][3] nostalgia,[3] unique content,[3] and the fact that vinyl albums represent tangible aspects of intangible (digitally distributed) products[3] as the key elements to what makes vinyl soundtrack albums attractive. Due to the limited nature of modern releases, many albums are considered highly collectible, with some regularly selling in excess of $100 USD. For Western collectors, additional difficulty is imposed by the cost of importing albums from Japan where the majority were produced during the "golden age" of the 1980s.[3]

Soundtrack albums Edit

Rel. OST title Game title Label Notes Ref(s)
1996 Wipeout 2097: The Soundtrack Wipeout 2097 Virgin Records - [4]
1997 Ghost In The Shell - PlayStation Soundtrack Ghost in the Shell - - [1]
2001 Grand Theft Auto III Soundtrack Grand Theft Auto III Rockstar Games - [1]
2005 Chaos Theory - The Soundtrack To Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Ninja Tune Composed by Amon Tobin. [5]
2009 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Capcom Limited release only available at Comic-Con 2009 [6][7]
2009 Brutal Legend (Original Soundtrack) Brutal Legend Double Fine Productions Composed by Peter McConnell. [8]
2009 Shatter - Official Videogame Soundtrack Shatter Mushroom Music NZ Ltd - [1]
2009 Shellshock 2: Blood Trails Shellshock 2: Blood Trails Eidos - [9]
2010 I Am Rapture, Rapture Is Me (Official BioShock Score) BioShock Take Two Interactive Included with the Special Edition of BioShock 2 [1][10][11]
2010 Machinarium Soundtrack Machinarium Minority Records There are 5 pressings, the first pressing was limited to 555 printings, 150 of which are printed on a clear yellow vinyl. All first pressings are signed by the cover artist and numbered. [1][12][13]
2010 Tron Evolution Tron Evolution I Am 8 Bit This soundtrack was created by Sascha Dikiciyan. The soundtrack was printed onto a picture disc resembling a Data Disk from Tron Legacy and limited to 200 copies. [14]
2010 Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Blizzard Entertainment - [1]
2010 Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack Red Dead Redemption Wax Poetics Records Sold on the official Rockstar Games website. Limited to 1,000 copies on clear red vinyl. [1][15][16]
2010 W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix Limited release only available from the Japanese Square Enix e-store. Side A: Nautlius, Fang's Theme, The Sunleth Waterscape, Can't Catch a Break. Side B: Chocobos of Pulse, Dust to Dust, Blinded By Light, Ragnarok: Sans Pipe Organ (exclusive) [1]
2010 W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII ~ Gentle Reveries Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix Limited release only available from the Japanese Square Enix e-store. Side A: Prelude to Final Fantasy XIII, Saber's Edge, Serah's Theme / Overseas Version, Fighting Fate. Side B: March of the Dreadnoughts, Sulyya Springs, The Yaschas Massif, Will to Fight [1]
2010 W/F: Music From Vana'diel Final Fantasy XI Square Enix Limited release only available from the Japanese Square Enix e-store. Side A: Ronafure, Gustaberg, Sarutabaruta, Vana'diel March. Side B: Autumn Footfalls, Echoes of a Zephyr, The Cosmic Wheel, Vana'diel March #4. [1]
2011 Chaos Theory Remixed (The Soundtrack To Splinter Cell 3D) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D - - [17][18]
2011 Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad Of The Space Babies Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP - - [1][3][19][20]
2011 Sounds of San Francisco Driver: San Francisco Ubisoft Printed on yellow vinyl. Sounds of San Francisco was included within the collector's edition of the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Driver: San Francisco. Released for PAL region copies only. [21]
2011 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Halo: Combat Evolved /
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Sumthing Else Music Works Limited to 2,000 copies. Printed on green vinyl. [1][22]
2011 Myth: The Xenogears Orchestral Album Xenogears Square Enix Includes 6 of the 14 tracks from the CD edition [1]
2012 The Music Of Retro City Rampage Retro City Rampage - - [1][3][23]
2012 Botanicula Soundtrack Botanicula Minority Records Limited to 1,000 copies. 300 printed on turquoise vinyl, 300 printed on amber vinyl, and the remaining 400 are printed on black vinyl. [1]
2012 Awesomenauts Awesomenauts SonicPicnic - [24]
2012 Halo 4 Original Soundtrack: Special Limited Edition Halo 4 7Hz Productions - [25]
2012 Kurohyo 2: Ryu ga Gotoku Asurahen Original Soundtrack Kurohyō 2: Ryū ga Gotoku Ashura hen Sega limited 1000 disc release. [26]
2013 Persona 4 Arena: Original Arrange Soundtrack Persona 4 Arena Atlus Preorder bonus at GAME stores in the UK. Side A: The Arena (Naked Mix), The Prince of Junes (Electro Mix), Like a Dragon (Girl Pop Mix). Side B: Princess Amagi (Traditional Taste Mix), The Wandering Wolf (Straight Mix), Missions for the Brilliant Executioner (2K Mix) [27][28][29][30]
2013 Dropchord Soundtrack Dropchord Double Fine - [31]
2013 Dyad: Original Game Soundtrack Dyad Software - [32]
2014 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Soundtrack Vinyl Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Ubisoft Originally released on Record Store Day and limited to 1,000 copies on clear pink vinyl worldwide. Due to popular demand, another printing was released on August 2014 and printed on 140 gram black vinyl. [33][34]
2014 Watch_Dogs Soundtrack Vinyl Watch Dogs Ubisoft Limited blue splatter and black vinyl editions released in Sep-14 [35]
2014 The Music of Grand Theft Auto V: Limited Edition LP Collection GTA V MASS APPEAL RECORDS Limited to 5'000 worldwide. 6 disk album / box set due for release in early Dec-14 [36][37][38][39][40]
2014 Halo 2 Anniversary Original Soundtrack Halo 2 343 Industries/INgrooves - [41][42]
2014 Hohokum Soundtrack Hohokum Ghostly International - [43]

Soundtrack compilations Edit

Rel. OST title Game titles Label Notes Ref(s)
1986 Hudson Game Music Star Soldier
Nuts & Milk
Binary Land
Raid on Bungeling Bay
Championship Lode Runner
Alfa Records - [1]
1986 Sega Game Music Vol. 1 Out Run
Space Harrier
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Alfa Records - [1]
2009 Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Space Harrier
Golden Axe
Phantasy Star II
Vectorman 2
Sega - [44]
2010 Pimania: The Music of Mel Croucher & Automata U.K., Ltd. Pimania
Other Automata UK games
Feeding Tube Records Limited release of 500 copies. Music by Mel Croucher [45]
2011 Dreamcast Collection Sonic Adventure
Space Channel 5: Part 2
Crazy Taxi
Sega Preorder bonus at stores in Australia. [46]
2012 Final Fantasy Vinyl Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Square Enix Composed by Nobuo Uematsu. 5 disc collection. Only released in Japan. [47]
2012 Final Fantasy Orchestral Album Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy X
Square Enix Single disc released as part of the special edition Orchestral Album set. Only available in Japan. Side A: Medley 2002 (Final Fantasy I – III), Eyes on Me ft. Crystal Kay (Final Fantasy VIII), Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X). Side B: Opera (Final Fantasy VI), Dear Friends (Final Fantasy V). [48][49]

Soundtrack singles Edit

Rel. OST title Game title Label Notes Ref(s)
1995 Windermere - The Jungle Mixes Tekken JVC - [1]
2004 Doom 3 Theme Song Doom 3 - - [1]
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