Marion Walter Jacobs ( May 1, MarksvilleChicago1930 - February 15, 1968), better known as Little Walter, was an African American bluessingerharmonica playerand guitarist. He is seen as one of the pioneers of the blues and the harmonica and is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame[1(under the sidemancategory) and the Blues Hall of Fame[2.


[hide]*1 Biography


Earlier years[Edit]Edit

Jacobs was born in MarksvilleLouisiana and grew up in Alexandria, Louisiana. After he left school at the age of 12, he wandered around by the United States as a Street musician and held small jobs. He played with among other things with Sonny Boy Williamson IISunnyland Slim and Honeyboy Edwards. Arrived in Chicago, 1945, found J work as a guitarist, although he achieved some success got because of his talent for the harmonica. According to blues artist Floyd Jones was Jacobs ' first recording the same year. It was an unreleased demo recording, where J Jones accompanied on guitar. J became frustrated due to the fact that the guitar came out too strong and the during numbers harmonica sound suppressed. He used a microphone which he connected on a guitar amplifier. J at the time of his fellow mouth harmonicaspelers distinguished himself as Sonny Boy Williamson I and Snooky Pryor by its own timbre, formed by among other things so guitar amplifiers to use and to apply distortion .

Good luck[Edit]Edit

J first issued recording was in 1947, under the label Ora-Nelle. In 1948 added J joined Muddy Waters' band and played on recordings from 1950, Jacobs under Chess Records. As guitarist has J also made recordings under the label Parkway, with Muddy Waters and Baby Face Leroy Foster. He also supported pianist Eddie Ware musical with his guitar during recording sessions. Jacobs ' own popularity rose significantly when he released his own written number: Juke, under Checker Records, 1952. It was a big hit instrumental . It allowed as many as eight weeks at # 1 in the Billboard magazine R & B charts. The song is also included in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll[3]. The song was also included in the Grammy Awards Hall of Fame[4]. J spend numbers remained; between 1952 and 1958 scored J 14 top ten hits in the Billboard R & B charts, including two # 1 hits. Also as a sideman was J active, on the harmonica he accompanied musical among others Jimmy Rogers, John Brim, Rocky Fuller, Memphis Minnie, The Coro nets, Johnny Shines, Floyd Jones, Bo Diddley, Shel Silverstein, Otis Rush, Johnny Young and Robert Nighthawk. J toured Europetwice by, where shots are made from different concerts and later on dvdhave appeared.


Jacobs was an alcoholic and was known for his bad temper, which occasionally led to quarrels. A few months after his second tour through Europe, he became involved in a fight after he took a short break from a gig in Chicago. Jacobs was injured and died that night in his sleep in the apartment of his girlfriend. The official death certificate was that the cause of his death was a thrombosis . Marion Walter Jacobs was buried on 22 February 1968 on St Mary's Cemetery, in Evergreen Park.

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