"Little Water Boy", also called"Waterboy"called,[3is a song by Stevie Wonder and his then mentor Clarence Paul. [4[5it was in October 1962 by Tamla Recordsreleased as the second single of Wonder. When he was twelve years old and was still called ' Little Stevie '. On the b-side was the song "La La La La La". A recorded live version was released in 1963 album Recorded Live-The 12 Year Old Genius. Both songs were written by Paul, who also provided the musical production.


The list below is not complete (yet).

  • Stevie Wonder-vocals, Percussion/drums
  • Clarence Paul – vocals on "Little Water Boy"

"La La La La La" by The Blendells[Edit]Edit

With a rendition of "La La La La La" The Blendells reached the 62nd place in 1964 in the u.s. singles chart. [6[7On the b-side of their single issued by Reprise Records , it was written by Andy Tesso "Huggie's Bunnies". This music was recorded at The Rhythm Room in Fullerton, California, and Billy Cardenas took care of the musical production.

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