Artist: The Residents

Label: UWEB

Produced By: The Residents


  1. Diskomo
  2. Numb Erone/Satisfaction/Kick A Cat
  3. This Is A Man Man Man's World
  4. Excerpt from "The Snakey Wake"
  5. Red Rider/Die In Terror
  6. The History Of Digital Music I (Music Box Punch Card System)
  7. Lizard Lady/Semolina
  8. Excerpt From "The Party - '72"
  9. Ober
  10. The History Of Digital Music II (The Macintosh Computer - Pre-MIDI)
  11. Happy Home/Star Spangled Banner
  12. Santa Dog (Live - Cube N.Y.E.)


A collection of random tapes, some live recordings, some one-off studio recordings. Sort of like the Residue album, actually. Again, another Uncle Willie release, very hard to find, but more of a fans-only thing, too, so don't worry about not having it. But it's cool to have. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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