Artist: Sole

Date Released: February 22, 2005

Label: Anticon

Produced By: Alias, Odd Nosdam, Telephone Jim Jesus, Controller 7


  1. Cheap Entertainment
  2. Self Inflicted Wounds
  3. Predictions
  4. Sin Carne
  5. Entalude
  6. Locust Farm
  7. Every Single One of Us
  8. A Typical
  9. Crisis
  10. Manifesto 232
  11. Bank of Marble feat. Pedestrian
  12. Atheist Jihad
  13. Dumb This Down
  14. Imsotired
  15. On Martyrdom
  16. Theme
  17. Drive by Detourment


As far as all of the underground west coast white rappers go, Sole was always my favorite thanks to his last album Selling Live Water. There was something very entrancing about his upbeat, raw breaks and his vocal style where he shoots off lyrics like a blazing gat. Now 2 years later, a relocation to Spain, a marriage and a new perspective on the world, Sole has grown up, at least lyrically. No longer obsessed with his inner feelings and self-conflict on being a rapper, he has turned his attention to global problems. Politically charged, the wide-eyed rapper spits clever and ironic versus like a camel’s reaction to carrying around an Al-Queda member around the sweltering desert all day. Other than lyrical content, the album is quite similar to the last one, even down to the packaging. The Anticon crew, Alias, Odd Nosdam and Telephone Jim Jesus along with Controller 7 handle the beats and do them justice. Overall another solid release for Sole, although missing the level that Selling Live Water reached. Michael Ardaiolo

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