Live in Germany 1976 is a live album released by Rainbow in 1990. The tracks are cherry-picked from a series of German dates (Cologne on 25-9-76, Düsseldorf 27-9-76 Nuremberg 28-9-76 and Munich 29-9-76) recorded on the world tour in 1976. It was re-released two years later in the USA asLive in Europe on a different label. The content is the same for both although sleeve notes differ.

A remixed 6CD box set Deutschland Tournee 1976 featuring three of the four German dates recorded in 1976 was released in Japan in 2006, with each concert being released as a separate 2CD package in Europe through the year.

Track listing[edit]Edit

All songs written by Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore except where indicated

Disc one
No. Title Writer(s) Recording location Length
1. "Kill the King"   Dio, Blackmore, Cozy Powell Munich, 29 September 1976 5:25
2. "Mistreated"   David Coverdale, Blackmore Munich, 29 September 1976 16:00
3. "Sixteenth Century Greensleeves"   Cologne, 25 September 1976 7:50
4. "Catch the Rainbow"   Düsseldorf, 27 September 1976 14:50
Disc two
No. Title Writer(s) Recording location Length
1. "Man on the Silver Mountain"   Nuremberg, 28 September 1976 13:37
2. "Stargazer"   Cologne, 25 September 1976 17:10
3. "Still I'm Sad"   Paul Samwell-SmithJim McCarty Cologne, 25 September 1976 15:00
4. "Do You Close Your Eyes"   Munich, 29 September 1976 9:45



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