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Live In Italy is an album by Lou Reed recorded live over two nights in September 1983[4] (on the 07th in Verona and on the 10th, at the ruins of Circus Maximus,[5] in Rome) using the Rolling Stones Mobile Unit.[6] It was issued on vinyl only in Germany, UK and Japan. At the time, Reed and his band were on a world tour to promote the album Legendary Hearts. A live video, A Night with Lou Reed, filmed at a New York concert, was also released to coincide with the album. The video omitted the songs "Betrayed", "Sally Can't Dance", "Average Guy" and "Some Kinda Love"/"Sister Ray", while adding "Don't Talk to Me About Work", "Women", "Turn Out the Light" and "New Age".

In 1996 the album was reissued under the title Live in Concert.


 [hide*1 Track listing

Track listing[edit]Edit

All songs written by Lou Reed except as indicated.

Side one[edit]Edit

  1. "Sweet Jane" (3'46)
  2. "I'm Waiting for My Man" (4'00)
  3. "Martial Law" (4'06)
  4. "Satellite of Love" (5'06)

Side two[edit]Edit

  1. "Kill Your Sons" (5'35)
  2. "Betrayed" (3'05)
  3. "Sally Can't Dance" (3'24)
  4. "Waves of Fear" (3'16)
  5. "Average Guy" (2'54)

Side three[edit]Edit

  1. "White Light/White Heat" (3'10)
  2. "Some Kinda Love / Sister Ray" (Reed, John CaleSterling MorrisonMaureen Tucker) (15'30)

Side four[edit]Edit

  1. "Walk on the Wild Side" (4'28)
  2. "Heroin" (8'34)
  3. "Rock & Roll" (6'10)



  • Pietro Di Silvestro - artwork
  • Rossella Antonelli[7] - cover artwork
  • Fabio Berruti - Artwork, Graphic Design
  • Piero Nannucci[8] - mastering and cutting engineering, RCA Studios, Rome
  • Guido Harari[9] – Photography
  • Luciano Viti[10] – photography
  • Antonio La Rosa[11] - remastering[12]
  • Toshikazu Ohtaka[13] - liner notes[14]
  • Carlo Basile[15] - executive coordinator, RCA Italiana[6]

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