Artist: John Tejada

Date Released: November 2, 2004

Label: Plug Research

Produced By:


  1. Strange Creatures
  2. Unit B1656
  3. Everything Will Be OK
  4. Possessive Patterns
  5. This Fake Place
  6. Alone With You
  7. Loose Change
  8. Inside Out
  9. Strive
  10. Something About the Drums


Some people have a tough time accepting techno as a respectable genre… my question is, what if an artist is trained in classical piano and drums, not to mention the son of a composer and opera singer, but decides that, his calling is in techno; is he respectable then? Well that is up to you, but John Tejada, artist, producer and owner of Palette Records, creates moody minimalist techno that doesn’t rely on annoying bloops and bleeps, but analog-sounding clicks and natural bass lines. Logic Memory Center is as dance-y as it is emotional, but innately organic… which is rare in this genre. Tejada shapes each song around upbeat yet subtle drum patterns, and overlays them with soft melodies care of synth snippets and the occasional dark voice. This is definitely an interesting album that helps progress the techno genre in the up-most stratospheres of respect. Michael Ardaiolo

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