Lonely Day EP
Lonely Day EP250px
Second EP by System Of A Down
Released 2006
Recorded 2005-2006
Genre Alternative Metal
Length 18:56
Language English
Label American
Producer System Of A Down
Compiler System Of A Down
System's EPs In chronology
Sugar (EP) (1998) Lonely Day (EP) (2006)


# Title Length
1 Lonely Day (Clean) 2:48
2 Shame (Wu-Tang Clan cover, feat. RZA) (Dirty) 2:41
3 Snowblind (Black Sabbath cover) (Clean) 4:40
4 Metro (Berlin cover) (Dirty) 2:59
5 Marmalade (Dirty) 3:09
6 Lonely Day (video CD extra) (Clean) 2:57

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