Long Live
Atreyu - Long Live
Studio album by Atreyu
Released September 18, 2015
Genre Metalcore, alternative metal
Length 47:03
Label Spinefarm Records
Producer Fred Archambault
Atreyu chronology
Covers of the Damned
Long Live

Long Live is the sixth studio album by American metalcore band Atreyu. The album was released on September 18, 2015 through Spinefarm Records. It is Atreyu's first album since Congregation of the Damned in 2009. Long Live peaked at #26 on the Billboard 200, making it Atreyu's first album since The Curse to miss the top 20 of the chart.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Long Live"   3:28
2. "Live to Labor"   3:13
3. "I Would Kill / Lie / Die (For You)"   4:10
4. "Cut Off the Head"   5:00
5. "A Bitter Broken Memory"   3:58
6. "Do You Know Who You Are?"   3:50
7. "Revival (Interlude)"   1:41
8. "Heartbeats and Flatlines"   3:39
9. "Brass Balls"   3:28
10. "Moments Before Dawn"   5:25
11. "Start to Break"   4:40
12. "Reckless"   4:31
Total length:

Best Buy Edition
No. Title Length
13. "When the Day is Done"   4:22
14. "Right Side of the Bed" (live) 4:21
15. "Blow" (live) 4:19
Total length:

Target Edition
No. Title Length
13. "So Others May Live"   4:19
14. "Stronger Than Me"   3:12
Total length:




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