Loop de Loop is a corruption of the nursery rhyme Looby Loo, that in the years ' 60 was covered frequently.

Joey Dong and Teddy Vann took care of when a package, that was again edited by various artists. Led by music producer (and so writer) Teddy Vann took Johnny Thunder, then Gil Hamilton, it is 1962. The picture sells very well in the United States. It reached the fourth place in the Billboard Hot 100. Shortly afterwards appeared on the United Kingdom a British version of Frankie Vaughan, produced there was peaking at position 21 weeks listed the fifth place (January 1963). In april 1963, the version of Johnny Thunder the Dutch and Belgian charts (unofficial) away. Then came Artone Gramofoonplaten with a version of Bobby Rydell on Cameo Parkway the wads via.

For example, there appeared even later versions of The Liverbirds and Harry Nilsson, but who could not match previously mentioned successes.

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