Artist: Barnes & Barnes

Date Released: 1991

Label: Rhino

Produced By: Barnes & Barnes


  1. Loozanteen
  2. Fire In The Hole
  3. The Invisible Maniac
  4. What's It Like To Be You
  5. Why Don't You Kill Me Now
  6. Talk Line
  7. Love Is So Noisy
  8. Lovely In Loveland
  9. Half
  10. Homophobic Dream #23
  11. Background Boy
  12. Drinking With The Devil
  13. Peg Leg Sue Got Married
  14. Touch Yourself
  15. Spanking Thru My Hard Times
  16. Wax Your Carrot/The Boogie Man And Dan
  17. I Love To Ride The Bus
  18. I Feel Depressed


This is, to date, the last proper Barnes & Barnes album, and the only one that hasn't been reissued yet. It's out of print, but I'll still see it in used bins occasionally. It's probably the weakest Barnes & Barnes album, but it's still very good. Like Amazing Adult Fantasy, it's a mix between comedy songs and serious pop songs, and there are some real gems. "Background Boy" (the only song on here that's not an original Barnes & Barnes composition) has a really, really great groove to it, and "Touch Yourself" (the original flip to the "Background Boy" single) is a bouncy-funny/dirty singalong. This sounds almost as if it was intended to be the last Barnes & Barnes record, as it references stuff from earlier in their career -- "Half" has a similar sound to "Pussy Whipped" making it sound like it might be a possible continuation to the story of the hapless narrator of that song, "Homophobic Dream #23" is a sequel (of sorts) to "Homophobic Dream #22, "Peg Leg Sue Got Married" references the main character in "Boogie Woogie Amputee", "The Boogie Man And Dan" might be a reference to the (then-unreleased) "The Boogie Man", "I Love To Ride The Bus" uses a line from "Gumby Jaws Lament" as a springboard, and "Touch Yourself" ends with "Fish Heads", their biggest hit, played backwards. Barnes & Barnes are still recording, so hopefully this won't actually be the last album of theirs. Even though it is their weakest (some of the cuts aren't quite as strong as they could be, like the still insanely-catchy "Fire In The Hole" and "What's It Like To Be You", which still has some interesting experimentation), it's still a very good album (particularly the more serious tracks), and it's definitely good enough to show that they haven't Lost The Pep. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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