Lordi's fifth studio album
studioalbum by Lordi
Released 2010
Genre hard rock
Label Sony BMG
Producer Mighael Wagener
Lordi chronology
Deadache Lordi's fifth studio album

Lordi is currently working on material for a fifth studio album. Mr. Lordi, aka Tomi Putaansuu, spent a week in September in Los Angeles with former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick and Jeremy Rubolino with. Writing session yielded two new tracks (Cut Off My Head and Call Off The Wedding), which could end up in the next Lordi album.

"The future to our previous records, even more strongly influenced by the 80's. So why not address whether help from a friend, who was part creating a whole 80's heavy and hard rock scene, Mr. Lordi said. We've already written about forty songs for the next album, so the final song selection process will once again be extremely difficult."

Lordi's fifth album as a producer is a German Michael Wagener. Cooperation is currently in pre-production and the actual album recordings will start in February 2010. Studio will be managed in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States.

Track listingEdit

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