Artist: The Books

Date Released: April 5, 2005

Label: Tomlab

Produced By:


  1. A Little Longing Goes Away
  2. Be Good to Them Always
  3. Vogt Dig for Kloppervok
  4. Smells Like Content
  5. It Never Changes to Stop
  6. An Animated Description of Mr. Maps
  7. Venice
  8. None But Shining Hours
  9. If Not Now, Whenever
  10. An Owl with Knees
  11. Twelve Fold Chain


Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong are some strange cats but in a completely necessary and artistic way. How else could you compose an album using a combination of unmarked audio cassettes from the Salvation Army, new instruments that include tuned plastic drain pipes, metal filing cabinets installed with subwoofers, a vintage Hohner clavinet along with their mainstay cello, guitar, mandolin and banjo? Now that takes some creativity. The music collage pioneers are back for their third full length inspired by their move to North Adams, MA along with the found tapes and their new Victorian home. They have strayed slightly from their folktronica roots and explored deeper into sound collage. Zammuto also sings on this album, along with a number of samples, to create a more heartfelt, personal album. While their past albums have concentrated more on the individual sounds, this one really pays attention to the song structures themselves. Pieces of progressive music like this are not produced everyday, and it is worthy of some attention and respect. Plus it is interesting to hear what they describe as “virgin transatlantic broadcasts lead to multifarious social critiques while bouncy ball achieves perfect elasticity.” Michael Ardaiolo