Louis Landon

Louis Landon is a solo piano artist from New York, he recently released his new album "Reality Not Fantasy".


The life of a working musician and recording artist requires one to wear many hats to measure even a modicum of success. Essential elements that have played deftly into the hands of solo pianist, Louis Landon include diplomat, humorist, entrepreneur, technician, visionary, politician, philosopher, activist, and artisan. A well-rounded, magnetic personality combined with an obvious gift for performing a variety of musical styles opened the door for Landon to tour extensively for three decades alongside some of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry.

Landon's musical range as a pianist has been highlighted over the years performing and touring with such mainstream names and international icons as Mikhail Baryshnikov, John Payne, Rupert Holmes, and John Hall. From classical repertoire to jazz, pop and rock, Landon has used his expressive gifts and talent to his full advantage for others. Now on a mission as a solo pianist, Landon's intrinsic gifts fulfill a new purpose in a different genre, while integrating many ideals from the past.

Peacekeeper is the muse most recently peering over Landon's shoulder as he upholds a passionate belief that music is the most significant and likely medium to bring peace and harmony to a weary, and war-torn world. He realized a few years ago, stylistically it's his own music - the solo compositions that bring him so much joy and peace - that resonates deeply with his audience. This awareness combined with his philosophical ideals motivates him down a path actively seeking truths believed to be held self-evident: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.



"Reality Not Fantasy"


"Solo Piano for Love, Peace and Mermaids"

"Peace Revolution!"

"Love Songs & Jazz"

"Joyous Spirit"

"Solo Piano for Peace"

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