Louisiana Five was an American dixieland-band and one of the first jazzgroups that end 10 years of the twentieth century was going to make plates.

The Group was founded in 1917 in New Orleans by drummer Anton Lada, who is also manager would be. The other band members were clarinetist Alcide ' Yellow ' Nuñez, pianist Joe Cawley, trombonist Charlie Panelli, banjoplayer and Karl Berger. In 1918, the band test shots for Columbia Records and later that year appeared at Emerson Records the first plate. The Original Dixieland Jass Band was after the (who a few months earlier recordings made) the second group from New Orleans who was going to make plates. The following years were numerous records on Emerson, Columbia and Edison Records, including the hits "Clarinet Squawk" and "Slow and Easy" (where cornetist Doc Behrendson appeared). Some plates on which more musicians, were released under the name ' Louisiana Five JazzOrchestra '. Also a singer Billy Murray was on some recordings to hear. The Group was popular in New York and the surrounding area. After Nuñez had left the group, the band made some recordings with a violinist and stopped it in 1920.

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