File:Lovedontcost5 200.jpg
File:"Love Don't Cost a Thing" - Jennifer Lopez

Love Don't Cost A Thing starts while Lopez is talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone; he tells her that he is not going to be able to make it. He then asks her if she received the bracelet that he had bought for her and she says yes and tells him that it is beautiful, but she would prefer him there with her instead, and the last thing she needs is another bracelet, she then hangs up. The camera then switches to a view of Lopez coming out of her villa, and stepping into her convertible, then she drives onto the highway, eventually throwing her purse from the car. She continues on to a beach where she starts walking, and starts to strip; first she takes off her sunglasses, then her coat, and then her necklace. Then she removes a post card from her pocket, that reads: "Wish you were here"; Lopez is shown on it with a couple of dancers on a beach. The camera then zooms in on the post card, Lopez and the dancers performs a routine. Afterwards, the camera zooms out to its previous position before they started the routine. Lopez then proceeds to tear the post card in half, afterwards she throws it. Then Lopez runs to the beach, stripping to her underwear, and at the end of the video takes her top off and covers her breasts with her hands. Throughout the video there are inter cut scenes of Lopez in her golden underwear lying on the sand and on the water, and dancing near trees.

The video received two nominations at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Female Video and Best Dance Video.

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