Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

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Chicago's Low Skies formulate a potent blend of backwoods blues and rustic country that seems to fog the entire room with its emotional ambience creating a style that can only be described as post-country. Guided by Chris Salveter's quivering voice, the quintet has molded their sound over the last five years into a brooding, spacious aura that paints the perfect scenery for Salveter's undiluted tales of love, loss and other somewhat taboo subjects. They self-released their first EP before catching the ear Chicago imprint Flameshovel (Make Believe, The Narrator, Chin Up Chin Up) whose ecclectic roster fits them well. 2002's The Bed and 2004's EP, I Have Been to Beautiful Places, both found critical acclaim, and with the release of All the Love I Could Find, Low Skies' post-country could take center stage in the world of indie-rock




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