Artist: William Parker

Date Released: March 22, 2005

Label: Thirsty Ear

Produced By:


  1. Adena
  2. Song for Tyler
  3. Mourning Sunset
  4. Evening Star Song
  5. Luc's Lantern
  6. Jaki
  7. Bud in Alphaville
  8. Charcoal Flower
  9. Phoenix
  10. Candlesticks on the Lake


This is the fourth installment into bassist William Parker’s recent creative outburst. William Parker, who has been around since the 70s, excels in the traditional jazz style of self-expression with experimentation. He is no stranger to improvisation; in fact he started the Improvisers Collective in the 90s which produced a number of concerts and festivals. Parker’s bass playing style is mainly pizzicato, extremely percussive and always rhythm driving. He subtly leads every piece of music he plays while creating dense harmonics and utilizing every sound the bass can make. Lately, he has become the bassist of choice for most of the downtown free-jazz players playing along side David S. Ware, Matthew Shipp and Rob Brown. For this solo outing, he has enlisted female pianist Eri Yamamoto and drummer Michael Thompson to round out the trio. The album starts off with slower, chilled out jazz but blossoms into upbeat hard bop and a number of explosive free-jazz songs. An extremely good album as a whole and yet another solid entry into the deep William Parker discography. Michael Ardaiolo

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