Luigi Russolo (Portogruaro (Veneto), 30 april 1885 – Laveno-Mombello4 February 1947) was an Italian Futurist painter, composer and instrument makerof electronic musical instruments.

Initially concentrated Russolo himself on his painting. In 1909 he joined the Futurist movement of Marinetti. In 1913 he turned also to the music and became the first futuristic composer. His music is based on industrial sound.

On 11 March 1913 he published his futuristic manifesto L'arte dei rumori and the same year he built his first instruments, with his assistant Ugo Piatti heIntonarumori (noise machines) mentioned. In 1916 he published the book L'arte dei rumori. One of those instruments was the Russolofoon, a tool that produces seven different sounds simultaneously and that is then possible in 12 sound strengths.

The instruments were stored during the Second World War in Paris and would have been destroyed during bombardments. [source? ]There are, however, subsequently on the basis of the working drawings a number of replicas built. [source? ]Of the original Intonarumori were be made sound recordings, which later appeared on cd. [source?]

Russolo died at the age of 61 in Cerro, a frazione of the municipality of Laveno-Mombello. His brother Antonio Russolo was also active as a futuristic composer.

Musical influence[Edit]Edit

Representatives of the late 1940s Musique Concrète fall back on the ideas of Russolo's compositions in bruïtisme and their use in a similar way by noise and sound which our environment only.


  • Meeting of the automobiles and Aeroplanes
  • Awakening of the City

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