Lull is a dark ambient side-project of Mick Harris. Lull was conceived in late '91 by former Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris (who also created the ambient dub outfit Scorn) in an attempt to create music that would stretch, if not forsake entirely, the structures of conventional music by developing and exploring sound without beats. Harris' initial foray as Lull into low frequency sound exploration was issued in late '92 under the title Dreamt About Dreaming on the respected underground Sentrax label. In between his Scorn commitments, the ever prolific Harris continued to develop Lull by recording and releasing scores of 7's and compilation tracks, as well as two more full-lengths that each punctuated another stage of his progression. Lull favours sombre, minimalistic drones that create a dark, other-worldly atmosphere. Its sound is generally amusical, and very experimental. Borrowing heavily from early works of Brian Eno, Lull's music can be considered either background or foreground listening. A similar-sounding album entitled Somnific Flux was recorded by Harris and Bill Laswell in 1995.



  • 1992 - Dreamt About Dreaming
  • 1993 - Journey Through Underworlds
  • 1994 - Cold Summer
  • 1996 - Continue
  • 1998 - Moments
  • 2001 - Brook (with Origami Arktika)
  • 2008 - Like a Slow River


  • 1994 - Chime / Gerbarra
  • 1994 - Silenced / Outerbounds
  • 1994 - Echoed Currents / Shooting Star Crash
  • 1994 - The Passing / Iceberg
  • 1995 - Time Box
  • 1997 - Way Through Staring


  • 2003 - Franziska Baumann eternal ice melts
  • 2006 - Franziska Baumann eternal ice melts


  • 2003 - They're Coming Out Of The Walls
  • 2004 - Collected
  • 2006 - Just Below Wixford (on Nekton Falls)
  • 2008 - The Gulley (on Fabriksampler V2)

They're Coming Out Of The Walls and Collected are compilations of previously released material.

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