Lycaon (Sometimes referred as Lycaon -リカオン- or simply as it's katakana form リカオン) is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in late 2007. Guitarist リト changed his name to 零 -Zero- in 2013. Eve is always credited as schlagzeug which means drums in German.


The former members has been in other projects since Lycaon. Eve been in a band called(AvelCain[2] and helped them enter to Shimizuya Records.[3] 美央 has recorded bass on the first Dolce. single[4] and also been a support and live member of Born[5]).

According to the band, the album 『嘘と女と』 is referred as an "Erotic Album".[6] This album contain rerecording songs from their previous album, 情欲のアクメ, and their EP Eros along with a bonus song, Plug>into the>Soket, that was only released with a music video on the bonus DVD[7] of Royal Order, their 2010 album.

In 2011, the band turned to a more Jazz influenced band. Even though we can hear some jazz influence through their early records, the album Eros and other releases during the year were closer to real jazz music.

They are the first Visual Kei band to include Dubstep[8][9] elements to their music on their 2013 album マゾヒストレッドサーカス (Masochist Red Circus).

In 2014, they released a cover version of Akina Nakamori's song Desire. It appears on a limited edition of their single Gossip-ゴシップ-. They also released a cover of the song ロザリオと薔薇 by SADS that was released on the tribute album M -Sads Respect Album-.


Current membersEdit

Guitar: 零 -Zero-
Guitar: サトシ
Bass: 緋遊
Drums: 一朗
===Past Members===
Bass: 美央 (2007–2010)
Drums: Eve (2007–2010)



Ambrozia (2009)
Royal Order (2010)
情欲のアクメ (2011)
嘘と女と『    』 (2011)
マゾヒストレッドサーカス (Masochist Red Circus) (2013)
Camera Obscura-カメラオブスキュラ- (upcoming in 2015) [11]


Red Rum (2008)
Sad/Sick:ness (2008)
Chains Of Collar (2009)
Cordyceps Sinensis (2009)
Declaration Of War (2009)
A Box In Beautiful (2009)
Jesus (2011)
Aventure -アバンチュール- (2011)
悪徳の栄え (2012)*
麻薬/眩暈-めまい- (2012)
薔薇~Rose~ (2013)
Gossip-ゴシップ- (2013)
馬鹿ね。 (2014)
悪女の微笑 (2014)
*The single has been released in 6 different versions with a different b-side for each versions.


果たし状 (Split with R指定) (2010)
Eros (2010)
Huma.Dog/AbnormaRhythm/LV.III (Live split with ベルベット) (2013)


全国22ヶ所ワンマンツアー『ゆきずりの女』-TOUR FINAL-2011/11/26 名古屋Bottom Line (2012)
常識をブッ壊す!!Lycaonサトシの『オレがギターを教えてやるぜっ!』~入門編~ (2012)
Chains Of Collar DVD Clips (2009)


JUDGMENT#003 (スマイルカンパニー/cosmic) (2008)
さわやか3組 2009 (Blue On Records) (2009)
Beauty & Beast (Shimizuya Records) (2010)
Explosion Showcase (Shoxx) (2011)[12]
Brand New Wave (Avex Trax) (2013)
M -Sads Respect Album- (A Tribute To Sads) (Geishun) (2014)


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