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Europa And The Pirate Twins

I was 14, she was 12 Father travelled, hers as well, Europa... Down in beaches hand in hand Twelfth of never on the sand Then war took her away We swore a vow that day

We'll be the pirate twins again Europa oh my country Europa I'll stand beside you in the rain Europa ta republque Europa

Nine years after who'd I see? On the cover of a magazine, Europa Buy her singles and see all her films Paste her pictures on my windowsill But that's not quite the same-it isn't, is it? Europa my old friend

We'll be the pirate twins again, Europa Oh my country Europa I'll walk beside you in the rain Europa Ta republique Europa

Blew in from the hoverport, she was back in London I pushed past the papermen, calling her name She smiled for the cameras, as a bodyguard grabbed me Then her eyes were gone forever As they drove her away...

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