yuh, yuh, yuh...I got money frm ur mom bia-bia uh huh uh n da bank?...nucka fuck wat ya drank ...yea AJG, NGRC P, Muzikalizate E-N-T! Scrappy Diss! uh

Chorus: *chopp'd & skrew'd*
I got money frm ur mom (hey)
Sho me watcha want
I got money frm ur mom (YUH)
Dollaz n my palm (woa)
I got money frm ur mom (oh)
Talkin' watcha want
But w/ money frm ur mom (YUH)
I'm poppin' on tha don!

Verse 1:
Yeah, yeah, the money, tha money, 
yeah, yeah, yeah u think it's funny
I got that wrist diamond, and the bling n my ear man!
U say u bankin em, but u can't even kill a man!
I have nice things but u don't see me yappin'
I got that cool iced pimp hand dat slips and slaps em
Talkin hood, muthafucka, best be hood or we grab em
Take dat shit to the alley where we scrap and dack em
Now here Mr. Scrappy is, talk bank and he caused this
And here's AJG man, jus statin the obvious
Look your video only got top 10 declearance
Cuz Lil' Jon and Chamillionaire made a cameo appearance haha
And u act thugish & ruggish cuz Lil' Jon be reppin
And u had Young Buck just to reck on your record now
Think u pimp but y u had to do it w/ Trillville
Before u went solo now you dealing w/ Tha Reel Deal!
Money frm ur mom!


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