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by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band:

I'll let a train be my feet 
If it's too far to walk to you
If a train don't go there I'll get a jet or a bus
Because I'm going to find you
You're going to see me shadow soon around you 
And my head is my only house unless it rains

I walk the meadow plains 
Water deserts are my eyes until I find you
I won't sleep until I find you
I won't eat until I find you
My heart won't beat until 
I wrap my arms around you

My arms are just two things in the way
Until I can wrap them around you
You can make my sad song happy
Make a bad world good
I can feel you out there moving
You're mine, I know I'll find you
And my head is my only house until I've found you

I hate to have other people hear me sing this song
If this reaches you before I do
Follow it to "I love you"
That's where I'll find you
And my head is my only house until I find you

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