…AJG man! 

2PAC: (I got thug luv 4 my nation wide posse feel me)

*music starts*

(blood blood blood blood-blood)
YEAH! 2007, NGRC productions
(blood blood blood blood-blood)
Muzikalizate E.N.T. AJG 
(blood blood blood blood-blood)
(One Blood One Blood One Blood)


Hold up....Put a G n it!


Intro Verse: *2pac*
Pictures of plenty Sippin my glass full of henny
Hands on my semi-Automatic kill for pennies
Approach for contact Cause I'm live I multiply
Soon as I open fire Niggaz die with open eyes
Scared to take a nap It's a trap
A long maze Dreaming of getting stacks Making scratch 
The wrong way What song says
We murder mother fucker's daily Black out Blow the the track out
My lyrics never fail me I inhale strong weed Then release the stress
Deliver the bomb shit from the east to west
Like Yay Yo 
Niggaz pull out When I say so
Commence to poppin' Mother fuckers copy and fail Efficiently 
I release and flee The art of war 
living sucka free Get with me
Nigga just don't go to sleep

Verese 1: *AJG*
I’m tha realist and an advocate taught em how 2 slap a bitch
Gank on my style and I’ll gank ur rap-practices
Rap-on-rap hit-shit never heard of this shit
Got a bitch on my left while I’m rockin my rap-spit
I spit game like this aint nuthin like Hova
I’m passed a Jay-Z style, they try to stunt like the owner
The Game got me rockin again, got it straight poppin again
I’m in a Cali vacation and it’s on again!
It’s Proppa! No more of dat 50 cent gank shit
Fuck “9 Bullets Later" & yo mama too, face it
U got G-unit but Game rockin G-Unot
And datz xactly wat u iz, u say u G but You-Not! Ganka!

[chorus]*Junior Red*
One blood [x4]
Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood [x3]
One blood [x4]

Verse 2: *AJG*
Well it must be armegadeon cuz gankz be goin skitz-a-franic
But I don’t panic I jus bust it hood like cuz they cant handle
The shit and the blow when I blow on the mic
Watch em recite wat I write but they aint nuthin but a lie
They jus a lie so don’t even fuck w/ mine
I break em off easily when I bust on the mic
I pop mo rhymez then they ever need 2 flow w/
He jus a gank 4 change stealin styles he kno it
And I’ll prolly be punish w/ pussy gankaz They aint slangaz 
They aint bangaz he jus a faka Then he roll out 2 Vegas, 
So hold up now are we sure they gangstaz?
O well I got fam out there too u dumb wankstaz
U cant getcha rhymes reel tight and hyphy
U jus wanna fight me, do dat shit c’mon jus try it
Yea I put up fights if ever bitchez straight want it
Too many beefs to settle but there aint no threat of an opponent
One Blood & No Luv!

[chorus] *Junior Red*
One blood [x4]
Blood, Blood, Blood, Blood-Blood-Blood [x3]
One blood [x4]

Verse 3: *The Game*
I'm the Doctor's Advocate, nigga dre shot ya
Brought me back from the dead, that's why they call him the doctor
The (after)'math don't drop them That's why 50 ain't 
rockin' with him No more, IT'S OKAY, I get it poppin'
Whole club rockin' Like a '64 impala
Drink cris, throw it up Call the shit hydraulics
Then piss in the cup Call the shit hypnotic
I bleed Compton Spit crack and shit chronic

Verse 4: *AJG*
Yea Me & my homiez roll in errtime we catch em strollin 
they wanna go we can go then but we got back up so they best be knowin
weather or not u wanna go see a thug
cuz Tha Murdera got dat on buzz or was I
Cooled up when the rappin come
Or cause I never get caught up w/ a 4-4 magnum
And wat I’m sayin is u aint got nuthin sayin
Datz cuz I’m rapmasta doin the slayin
Screw the shankin’ I jus straight bank em
Call em out, diss em out, den I straight dank em
So don’t get sensitive when my muthafuckin album drop
And everybody buying my mixtape cuz ur rapping stop
And it’s all hip-pop Nobody stay reel no more
I’m the one blood n the game, u aint reel no more
No luv!

-chorus x2-

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