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by Rustic Overtones

I walked in the bank, the black leather bag
Tucked tight beneath my arm
When I pulled that .45
I looked into the banker's eyes
"Don't you dare pull that alarm"
I screamed "Hit the floor!"
A woman screamed "Please help me, Lord!"
And I thought about you dear.
If you knew I lost my job, and gambled what we've saved and lost
Would you understand all of my fears?

For once in my life,
Can I do this one thing right?

Felt the pressure tight
A weakened man, a weekend heist
A Saturday I'd not forget.
Uncle Sam, this money jam you put me in
Took a human life to pay the debt.
I didn't hear the guards outside,
I heard a scream, I turned, surprised,
Felt the smoking pistol in my grip.
The gun went off into the soft yellow tie
That hung beside the bankers heart
Inside the bankers chest.
Lived such a short life,
I hope he'll be all right.

For once in my life,
I feel so damn alive!

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