by MC Paul Barman

Look everybody, a garden!
Not just a garden, this is a very...special garden
Walk out (vulture screeches)
Are ya feelin' zip zip?
Are ya ready for partyin'?
I need your field trip slip, signed by a parent or gaurdian
I understand if no one wants to sign it cuz,
Some people find Vulture Shark Sculpture Park
Just a little bit dangerous.

Culture Hark!
There's bunny loafabread on a sofabed
And igloo turtle leaps a big blue hurdle overhead
Lil orphan dolphin gets endorphins from golfin'
She's lookin' lucky and reckless,
Thanks to her tumbleweed/bumblebead necklace.

Let's watch a newborn gorilla dip a blue corn tortilla chip
There's hamstergrams to Amsterdam,
With a robo-action Al hobo satchel
All perched on a ampersand
Don Quixote with a Calder 'stache is riding Donkey Odie.
A sign says, "Don't touch!"
Balderdash! As if the oil on my skin
Could mess up an outdoor steel statue.

What a bucolic setting, a whole house made of bedding.
It's getting cold out.
Oh whoa, a wedding.
The groom wore a costume, a very goth towel, a terrycloth cowl.
He said, "I, Harry Moth Owl, take you to bite
Off my head all the time. To lavish and mold me,
In quickness and stealth till death are we part. And you?"
The bride, a turtledove, replied,
"You may kiss the fertile love inside my girdle-gloved thigh." 
Vulture Shark presided as host and proposed a toast.
He said "Make your woman a momma, damnit.
And spread more seeds on the planet than the pomegranate." 

He'd copped her a Lepidoptera helicopter,
And a buffet table with butter frogs and mice,
A chopped liver goose, and Lincoln Logs of ice.
I said, "Beg pardon. I brought the happy couple a caterpiller egg carton"
We had our fill of turkey sandwiches made from traced hands
On butcher paper tablecloths with glasses of crayons.
Marriage isn't an individgin decision.

I ran over the bridges, explored the park store
Run by Rebecca Pidgeon.
Selling tight terrific site specific environments;
Vulture Shark Sculpture Park as depicted by Barman's Garments.

Check 'em out. Vulture Shark Sculpture Park,
Tight terrific site specific environments
On Hanes BVDs Barman's Garments,
This stuff will not wash out on it's first wash
Ya got bunny loafabread on a sofabed,
Igloo turtle leaping a big blue hurdle overhead,
Hamstergrams to Amsterdam, perched on a ampersand
A newborn gorilla dippin' a blue corn tortilla chip in.

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