Date Released:November 1, 1994


Produced By: Scott Litt, Alex Coletti, Nirvana


  1. About a Girl
  2. Come As You Are
  3. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam (Vaselines cover)
  4. The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie cover)
  5. Pennyroyal Tea
  6. Dumb
  7. Polly
  8. On A Plain
  9. Something In The Way
  10. Plateau (Meat Puppets cover) (featuring Meat Puppets)
  11. Oh, Me (Meat Puppets cover) (featuring Meat Puppets)
  12. Lake of Fire (Meat Puppets cover) (featuring Meat Puppets
  13. All Apologies
  14. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Leadbelly cover)


A recording of their acoustic performance on the MTV program MTV Unplugged, Nirvana's first posthumous release following the suicide of frontman Kurt Cobain was universally praised by critics and became a best-seller, with the acoustic rendition of their early single "About a Girl" topping the Modern Rock Charts and their cover of David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World" also becoming popular.

Critics of Nirvana often claimed that Nirvana relied on heavy distortion to achieve their sound, referring to the successful and acclaimed "Nevermind" album as an example of this. However, prior to Cobain's suicide, the band was exploring new sounds and new directions in their music (it was rumored that Cobain had been heavily influenced by R.E.M.'s "Automatic for the People), exemplified by the toned-down distortion of their album "In Utero". Their performance on "Unplugged" hinted at what would have been the future for Nirvana and the Grunge genre in general, and today remains one of the band's most successful and acclaimed albums, and is celebrated as one of the greatest live albums of all time.

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Nirvana Discography
Albums: Bleach - Nevermind - In Utero - MTV Unplugged in New York - From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
EPs: Blew - Hormoaning
Singles:Love Buzz” • “Sliver” • “Molly's Lips” • “Here She Comes Now” • “Smells Like Teen Spirit” • “Come as You Are” • “Lithium” • “On a Plain” • “In Bloom” • “Oh” • “Heart-Shaped Box” • “All Apologies” • “Pennyroyal Tea” • “About a Girl” • “The Man Who Sold the World” • “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” • “Lake of Fire” • “Aneurysm” • “Drain You” • “You Know You're Right, Nirvana"

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